Android TV sigue sin tener función de perfil después de seis años

Android TV gets a newer version of Android

Android TV still has no profile feature after six years

ADT 3 is the new Android TV developer platform, and Google has officially announced the update to the new Android 10 for Android TV.

Google released the new Android 10 a few months ago. Now it is also being integrated into the Android TV platform. They basically promise faster updates for the new Android thanks to Project Treble. In addition, the new Android 10 should bring several performance and security improvements. How much is actually seen on television is still an open question. With TLS 1.3, the company also promises improved encryption of user data.

Development: Google’s new platform for Android TV

In addition, Google also introduces ADT-3, the most up-to-date developer platform. A quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM are sufficient for 4K60 as well.


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