Android TV sigue sin tener función de perfil después de seis años

Android TV still has no profile feature after six years

Android TV still has no profile feature after six years

Even years after its introduction as the successor to Google TV, Android TV does not offer a feature for user profiles, but there are good examples.

We know Netflix profiles, and Amazon Prime Video has also received this feature after a long wait. However, a television platform like Android TV still leaves something to be desired, even many years after its introduction. Profiles are always interesting when a household is made up of several people with different preferences. Today dad wants to use his interface with his recommendations and applications. Mom tomorrow night, the kids in the afternoon. Same theme in shared flats.

Android TV only offers the use of multiple Google accounts, but the home page, recommendations, installed apps, and other features remain the same for all accounts. The Google account can also only be changed manually and laboriously directly in the installed Android apps, such as YouTube or the Assistant. This is easier with the touch on mobile devices than with a remote control.

Android TV does not yet have support for user profiles

“If you want to download an application that you already bought from the Play Store, you must make sure that your account is selected. If you are playing a game and want to sync your progress and achievements with the games, you will need to manually switch to your account. If you want to listen to your music, you must select your account “.

But that’s only really annoying with apps like YouTube, which are used much more often. There is simply no option to select another profile when opening the app. Netflix has led the way for years. Another very fundamental problem is that each service that has profiles designs the selection of profiles differently. There is no consensus.

Google would have to deliver generally for Android TV. For this purpose, application developers can make specifications so that a profile selection in different applications is as similar as possible and even a necessity for Android TV.

How are you doing, do you need different user profiles or do you feel like crazy?

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