Anette Frier como Danni Lowinski

Anette Frier as Danni Lowinski

Anette Frier as Danni Lowinski

Danni Lowinski on Saturday 1

wantedon 03/21/2011 | 16:15

The lawyer series with Annette Frier as “Danni Lowinski” airs today the second episode of the second season.

Annette Frier as Danni Lowinski.

In today’s episode “Danni Lowinski”, which airs on Saturday the 1st at 9:15 pm, Annette Frier continues to fight for the rights of ordinary people as a lawyer who has her office in the mall. The episode is titled “Endstation.” Even after the first season’s broadcast, the Lawyers series won many television awards, including the “German Television Award” and the “German Comedy Award.”

The new case of “Danni Lowinski” takes the lawyer to a nursing home. His client’s mother was buried anonymously after his death without his knowledge. When the son found out two months later, he did everything he could to have his mother buried next to his father’s grave. However, the nursing home does not participate and more and more questions arise. Danni Lowinski finds a friend of the deceased and with his help he can possibly solve the case.

Image Source: © Ben Vogt