Angelina Jolie: ¿Son niños y carreras abrumadores?

Angelina Jolie: Are children and careers overwhelming?

Kids and careers

wantedon 10/28/2014 | 11:50

Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie – Both powerful women seem to be able to balance careers and children effortlessly. With the Hollywood lady, it seems more and more stressful. Angelina Jolie should already be looking for more babysitters for her children.

Six children, a home, and a job she has to travel around the world for – the burden Angelina Jolie has placed on herself in recent years is pleasant enough, but nonetheless seems to annoy the actress more and more.

Angelina Jolie is said to be feeling increasingly overwhelmed

Angelina is completely exhausted at lunch every day. Would like more staff to take the stress away“, An alleged informant from Angelina Jolie’s private environment spoke to the American magazine” OK! “. Although the 39-year-old has already received the support of twelve babysitters, she was increasingly overwhelmed.

Angelina Jolie should work less

Not only is it no secret that Angelina Jolie is a true workaholic, the actress knows it too. “I can’t keep calm, I read, write and trade movies. I always carry my own office with me, “the beautiful actress recently revealed to” People. ” Above all, it is this occupational stress that afflicts her. – Brad Pitt, to whom Angelina Jolie has been married for a few months, is said to criticize this over and over again. “Brad thinks Angie would feel less stressed if she stopped doing so many projects at the same time. In her opinion, she should spend more time at home and with the family, that’s where she is happiest, “said the alleged source, who seems to know Angelina Jolie’s family life very well,” OK! ”.

It’s no wonder an Angelina Jolie also dies at some point. Six kids, some of them already in puberty, plus a stressful job, that can be really tough. And since she shouldn’t miss out on the money, the actress should just get more support around the house. No false modesty, Angie!Image Source: Keith Tsuji / Getty Images