Angelina Jolie: Su infancia fue tan mala

Angelina Jolie: Her childhood was so bad

Angelina Jolie: Her childhood was so bad

Difficult childhood

wantedon 09/14/2014 | 14:55

It is well known in the press that Angelina Jolie used to exaggerate before the adoption of her children and the relationship with Brad Pitt. But now her former babysitter is talking about how bad she really was.

For eight years, Cis Rundle was Angelina Jolie’s nanny. She came to the aid of her best friend and mother of actress Marcheline Bertrand when she was overwhelmed by the then 3-year-old. Now she spoke about Angelina Jolie’s childhood in an interview with “Radar Online.”

Angelina Jolie didn’t always have it easy in her childhood.

“She liked a little pain. She loved trying her hardest, ”says Angelina Jolie’s former babysitter. It is said that he even went so far that he sometimes completely refused to eat. “I took her to the hospital. She was in an anorexic phase… it was one of her phases. It didn’t stay, it cleared up, ”said Angelina Jolie’s nanny at the time.

Angelina Jolie was teased at school

The bullying at Beverly Hills High School is said to have been to blame for her troubled childhood. RE.Angelina Jolie just didn’t fit in and the other girls made fun of her appearance: “They made fun of her because of her lips and the girls were mean to her. She has these broad shoulders and long legs, she moved like a gazelle. During this time, Cis Rundle always tried to support Angelina Jolie and still claims that he appreciated every moment that he was allowed to spend with her. “I’m very proud of her.”

It has been known for some time that Angelina Jolie had a difficult childhood, but these new details shock her nanny. It is good that the actress has left this difficult time behind and is leading a pleasant life with her own family.

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