Angus T. Jones celebra su cumpleaños

Angus T. Jones celebrates his birthday

Angus T. Jones celebrates his birthday

Finally of legal age

wantedthe 10/09/2014 | 17:22

With the hit comedy “Two And A Half Men”, Angus T. Jones made his breakthrough as an actor, but since yesterday he is officially no longer half a man: on October 8, the actor, who became known for his role as Jake Harper, he turned 21. ! Angus T. Jones is of legal age in the USA!

Angus T. Jones has every reason to celebrate: the actor’s birthday was yesterday Wednesday, and at 21 he can finally enjoy most of it in his home country, the United States. For his young age, the actor has already had a remarkable career.: At just four years old, I was in front of the camera for TV commercials. Since 2003, Angus T. Jones has played the cheeky Jake Harper, who couldn’t say no to anything edible, who made life difficult for his Uncle Charlie.

Angus T. Jones wants nothing to do with “Two and a Half Men”

For eight seasons, the lanky blonde made viewers around the world laugh. At 17, according to “”, he was one of the highest paid child stars in the film and television industry: Angus T. Jones received a whopping $ 350,000 fee for each episode of “Two And A Half Man.” Despite the great success, Angus T. Jones no longer wants to be associated with the show.Angus T. Jones became a believer

Angus T. Jones has been a devoted Seventh-day Adventist since 2012 and wants nothing more to do with his past as a “Two and a Half Men” actor. According to “ProSieben,” the content of the show contrasts with his new beliefs, so he even advised against people not to watch the comedy. Although he withdrew this statement, it left a mild aftertaste. Apparently Angus T. Jones didn’t want to offend his co-stars with his words. But externally, too, the former actor of the series has changed a lot in the last two years: very thin and with a thick beard you should see him more often in Los Angeles. Angus T. Jones only wants to deepen his acting career if the role is related to the Bible.Angus T. Jones has gone through a major change. Even though he’s turned his back on Hollywood for now, we still wish the star actor a happy birthday!Image Source: Getty Images / Valerie Macon