Anne Hathaway no pudo soportar su fama

Anne Hathaway couldn’t bear her fame

Anne Hathaway couldn't bear her fame

Pressure to succeed

wantedon 10/6/2014 | 17:02

Over and over again you hear about actors who at some point can no longer cope with their fame and withdraw from the spotlight for a while. This was also the case for Anne Hathaway in 2013. Now she reveals the reasons for her breakup.

At the sweet age of 19, Anne Hathaway became a noblewoman overnight in “Suddenly Princess” and suddenly became famous in reality. From then on, the brunette actress made two to four films a year, there was no time for self-discovery. An Oscar award for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables was the highlight of her career in 2013, but then Anne Hathaway withdrew from the public entirely. Now it’s back!

Anne Hathaway as a sexy vampire on the cover of the British “Elle”

If you see Anne Hathaway on the red carpet, it’s hard to imagine that this same attention was something the actress struggled to get along with. After all, the beautiful brunette is admired by millions of fans. But apparently the pressure to succeed was the reason Anne Hathaway withdrew from the public entirely in 2013. In a recent interview with the British “Elle”, the actress reveals her vulnerable side and explains that it took her to get used to being famous: “I didn’t know how this worked, I didn’t know how to deal with that totally knocked out. And people always said to me, ‘Be yourself’ and I thought, ‘But I still don’t know who I am.’

Anne Hathaway: During her free time she recharged her batteries

During her hiatus of nearly two years, Anne Hathaway focused entirely on her marriage. She and her husband Adam Shulman have been married since September 2012 and were able to fully enjoy their marriage for the first time in their self-imposed free time. “The first year of our marriage was crazy. It all happened so fast and we didn’t get a chance to just enjoy being married. “says Anne Hathaway in “Elle.” Now the relationship between the two has been strengthened many times, a feeling of security has been installed: “We no longer have to worry about whether our relationship will last. It gives you a lot more time to be crazy ”. Fortunately, Anne Hathaway has overcome the uncertainty phase and has learned to deal with her own reputation. In keeping with her newfound self-confidence, the 31-year-old appears confident and sexy on the cover of today’s “Elle UK.”

Who would have thought that the ever-radiant Anne Hathaway would have trouble with her fame? The fact that she now speaks openly and honestly about the problems of the past few years makes her even more enjoyable.

Image Source: Facebook / ELLEuk