Anne Hathaway filma "La princesa 3"

Anne Hathaway Films “The Princess 3”

Anne Hathaway films "Princess 3"


Actually, Garry Marschall, the director of “Suddenly Princess”, just wanted to promote his new movie “Mother’s Day”, but in the course of the interview he released information that is a bit sensational for fans of his classic of adolescent cinema: the third part. “Suddenly Princess” seems to be a done deal!

Twelve long years have passed since the second installment of the teen smash hit “Suddenly Princess” hit our theaters. Since then, we have watched Anne Hathaway grow from a teenage star to a serious actress. However, her role as high school girl Mia, who discovers that she comes from a traditional noble family, remains unforgettable to this day. Even the future mother herself seems to be stuck with the role with which she made her breakthrough in Hollywood. Along with director Garry Marschall, the gorgeous brunette has now decided that “Suddenly Princess” has what it takes to be a trilogy.

Anne Hathaway and her Suddenly Princess co-star Julie Andrews

“I was at Anne Hathaway’s a few weeks ago and it looks like we’re going to do ‘Suddenly Princess 3’ in Manhattan,” the 81-year-old director announced in an interview with People magazine, in which he actually did. He wanted to promote his new movie “Mother’s Day.” “Anne Hathaway is very pregnant right now, so we have to wait for the baby to be born and then I think we will.”

“Suddenly Princess 3”: Will Chris Pine Play Prince Dream Again?

As you know, the second part of the romantic comedy ended with Princess Mia and the prince of her dreams, Lord Nicholas, played by Chris Pine, confessing their love for each other. Will the 35-year-old return, who, like Anne Hathaway, has made great leaps in her career in recent years and appeared as James T. Kirk in the new “Star Trek” movies, in the role of the real hottie? Garry Marschall didn’t want to discount that. “Maybe,” he told People magazine, “but now it’s a pretty big number.”

We are very happy with this great news and we are curious to know if Julie Andrews will reprise her role as Queen Clarisse in “Suddenly Princess 3.”

Image Source: GettyImages / Timm Schamberger