Annemarie Eilfeld: cirugía de emergencia después de un examen de rutina

Annemarie Eilfeld: Emergency Surgery After Routine Exam

Annemarie Eilfeld: Emergency Surgery After Routine Exam

Annemarie Eilfeld

wantedthe 04/19/2011 | 17:58

Annemarie Eilfeld had to undergo an operation.

Annemarie Eilfeld had to undergo an emergency operation yesterday, according to Apparently a routine examination revealed a large tumor on the left ovary. Annemarie Eilfeld now has to stay in the hospital for at least three days because it has not yet been determined whether the tumor is malignant. According to, Annemarie Eilfeld is desperate after the diagnosis: “I panic. The doctor says that she may never have children because of the tumor. We still do not know if it is cancer and if it has metastasized “.

Annemarie Eilfeld is happy to now have the support of her family. He is reported to have told before the operation: “I am going to have the surgery in Dessau because my parents live here and are next to me. I don’t even know how I could get over this horror without her. ”

Annemarie Eilfeld reached the semi-finals at Deutschland sucht den Superstar in 2009. Even during DSDS, she made a name for herself with sexy photos. Since then, Annemarie Eilfeld has released two singles and played a supporting role in GZSZ. But the 20-year-old still has a lot to do, she emphasized several times in interviews. Hopefully the singer gets better soon.

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