Annemarie en la fiebre de Knutsch

Annemarie in Knutsch Fever

Annemarie in Knutsch Fever

Already in DSDS Annemarie Eilfeld for riots. Annemarie is now making headlines mainly through kissing. From the beginning: in Dome 50 the 19-year-old has obviously become Samu Haber, Sunrise Avenue singer I loved. According to a magazine, Annemarie went on the offensive during the after-show party and made out with Samu.

Annemarie Eilfeld: victim of bullying?

Shortly after, Annemarie let the “Bild-Zeitung” announce that she was with GZSZ actors. Raul Richter together. Just stupid: Raúl himself doesn’t know anything about it! In an interview, the actor said: “First I had to laugh. I knew it wasn’t true. ” And: “We were in the pool and in the sauna, but we both had something on. I still think she’s nice, I get along with her, but hello? I’ve only known her for two weeks and then we’re together? ”

Samu Haber: Hot or not?

Annemarie Eilfeld herself has now cleared up the rumors thanks to a new kiss photo: In a Berlin club, Annemarie kissed a pretty curly head. At half past three the couple should have left the “Felix” together, reports the “BZ”.

What you think? Is it okay to kiss other guys all the time?

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