"Hombre Hormiga": Michael Douglas no ha firmado más películas de Marvel

"Ant Man": Michael Douglas hasn’t signed any more Marvel movies

"Ant Man": Michael Douglas hasn't signed any more Marvel movies

“Ant-Man” Paul Rudd may have to dispense with the support of his mentor Michael Douglas in the future. The Hollywood star has not signed a contract with Marvel to sign him for multiple movies in the role of Hank Pym.


Actors who don a Marvel superhero costume or play a friend of hers are usually very busy for a few years. Because in the great Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, a role often appears in more than one cinematic adventure. The situation is different with Hollywood star Michael Douglas, who can currently be seen in Marvel’s “Ant-Man” theater.

In an interview with Yahoo! Movie UK The actor stated that he had not yet signed a contract for a prequel or sequel to “Ant-Man.” However, Michael Douglas also stated that he would be happy to have another opportunity to play the role of Hank Pym, as he has taken care of the character a lot: “I have learned a lot and would be happy if it would become even more. But if not, I really enjoyed the experience. “

So nothing has been decided yet. So it may be that comic book fans do not have to do without another appearance of Ant-Man from the first hour. But then Michael Douglas made a small request to the writers: While Paul Rudd and Michael Peña have hilarious word battles, Pym exudes a much drier sense of humor. In the future, Douglas would also like to have some funny sayings put in his mouth, he said in the interview.

In the comic adaptation “Ant-Man,” Douglas plays Hank Pym, the inventor of the ant suit, which allows its wearer to shrink his body to the size of an ant with the push of a button, and an ant-man from the start. . He has long since retired from the superhero business and finds a worthy successor in Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). We won’t be using spoilers at this point, but let me just say this: there would still be enough room for the retired inventor within the story. However, the complete withdrawal of Pym would also be conceivable without any problem.

“Ant-Man” has been in German cinemas since July 23, 2015. It has yet to be determined if and when Paul Rudd will reduce his body size in another solo adventure. What is certain, however, is that Ant Man will appear in “Captain America 3: Civil War” in September 2016.