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Anthony Kiedis: Nina Hagen was a sexual mentor

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Pretty spicy!

Who would have thought that? Rock star Anthony Kiedis still praises his famous ex-girlfriend Nina Hagen’s idea! Because it influenced him a lot, and not just sexually.

In an interview with “Playboy”, Anthony Kiedis revealed the role that Nina Hagen played in his life: “Everything about her fascinated me. His cheeky accent, his squeaky gaze, “he quotes from” Die Welt. ” But that’s not all, continues the leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers: “She was my mentor, both sexually and spiritually.” The 53-year-old was particularly impressed by Nina Hagen’s generosity. When the musician wrote the song “Give it Away”, the “Godmother of Punk” simply gave him his favorite jacket.

Anthony Kiedis fondly remembers Nina Hagen

The relationship between the two musicians dates back a long time: they were a couple in the early 1980s. A time when the cult musician apparently still thinks fondly. In an interview with the “Stern”, at least in June he revealed that Nina Hagen had changed her image of Germany: “It showed me that there is a completely different Germany. Creative, wild, untamed. Nina was so sure. Everyone thought it was cool. ” But the punk icon isn’t the only German who made the rock star turn his head – the singer was already in a relationship with top model Heidi Klum. “A person with an incredibly big heart. We still have a lot in common, even though we have little contact, “he told the” Stern. “

A real playboy?

And what about Anthony Kiedis’s love life right now? He revealed to “Stern” that he was open to both a relationship and a single life: “If the right one comes along, wonderful. If not, I accept what the universe has in store for me. “

Just nice, right? In an interview with “Stern,” Anthony Kiedis revealed that he would rather go door-to-door with his little boy on Halloween than rock Heidi’s party in New York. That’s definitely a bonus, even if we’d like to play mouse in what is probably the most famous horror party!

Image Source: Thomas Lohnes / Getty Images