Cualquiera puede acecharte con esta función de Snapchat ahora

Anyone can stalk you with this Snapchat feature now

Anyone can stalk you with this Snapchat feature now

In fact, we know that you should not reveal all your data on the Internet. But also many applications “spy” on you unconsciously, depending on the rights you grant to the programs on your mobile phone.

Snap Map: this is how it works

The feature has been around on Snapchat for some time. Snap Map: With this you can easily locate your friends. To do this, all you have to do is drag two fingers on the screen from the outside to the inside in camera mode, and switch to instant map mode.

There you can decide whether you want your location to be visible to all Snapchat friends or only to certain users. In so-called “ghost mode” you can use the map without revealing your own location.

Snap Map: that’s why it can be dangerous

But many agree that the location can be seen. Of course, this only applies to friends, but as with Facebook, you often have not only very good friends, but also many that you have made new or don’t know very well. Is it so good that they always know exactly where you are?