Google Play Store pronto instalará aplicaciones prerregistradas automáticamente

App back to Play Store: developer reached out to real Google employees

Google Play Store will soon install pre-registered apps automatically

As the developer of FX File Explorer says, he was able to unexpectedly contact a real Google employee after being kicked out of the Play Store.

Getting in touch with Google and similar companies can often be an insurmountable hurdle. Instead, you have to talk to computers that cannot adequately respond to many problems. Only now did I have to notice the developer of the FX File Explorer, whose app was surprisingly launched from the Play Store. You are now back in the Android app store because thankfully the developer was able to clear up the issue with a real Google person.

I managed to get to a real person and it was corrected immediately.

FX File Explorer was unexpectedly launched from Play Store due to improper detection. The developer confirms this in a short statement. After clarifying the situation, he was able to re-upload an unchanged version of his app to the Play Store, which was later activated by Google.

A recommendation for a free design was incorrectly identified as an illegal advertisement. Everyone agrees that Google has to change certain mechanisms. That was another example.