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App developer gives up: maintaining the Android ecosystem takes too long

An Android app development team gives up, the Android world is too fragmented, and development work is too time consuming.

A common point has great disadvantages and advantages for Android at the same time. The large selection of different hardware and software is really great for interested customers. But it is hell for developers, because that means an immense effort to maintain and optimize the software. So now a team of developers is giving up on a camera app. As the folks at Moment Pro Camera say, they can no longer maintain their Android app and are pulling out of the Android ecosystem.

Everyone does their thing, which makes the application too time consuming to maintain.

“The short story is that phone manufacturers like to create their own version of Android, each with different ways of accessing selected camera functions. The result was a random compatibility list where each phone has different functions in the app depending on the phone model. The problem only gets worse every time a new version of Android comes out as it violates the custom changes these phone makers have made to their phones. “

Although fragmentation in the Android world has been decreasing in recent years. Some manufacturers have drastically reduced their own software; the effort of application developers is still too great. Of course, it also depends on the functionality of the respective application. The challenges appear to be particularly great in the camera sector, at least that’s how the developers’ statement reads.

Does Google need to do more here to help app developers?