Se está llevando a cabo el evento de Apple: sorprendente cambio en septiembre

Apple event is taking place: surprising change in September

Apple event taking place - surprising change in September

Apple can’t help it and is actually inviting you to an Apple event in September 2020. GIGA now reveals in the following lines what this means for this year’s product announcements and what night you should stay free.

Apple insider Jon Prosser was right about one thing: yesterday, something happened on Apple’s website. However, no new Apple Watch models or new iPads were seen. Instead, we learned about an Apple event, as suggested by Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman.

Apple event on September 15: so now a keynote

Without further explanatory words and without a press release, the iPhone maker has announced such an event from Apple for Tuesday, September 15, including a live broadcast. Surprisingly in the end, no one would have expected an Apple event in September.

Image: Apple

The keynote address begins at 10 am Pacific time (7 pm in this country) at Apple Park, the company’s Cupertino facility. There is no straightforward “tagline” on the event page, Apple’s curved logo alone leaves room for speculation. By the way, anyone who selects the page with an iPhone or iPad will discover that it is a three-dimensional AR logo that can be freely placed in the room, just click on it.

The live stream placeholder on Apple’s YouTube page is more informative. 9to5Mac developer and author Guilherme Rambo discovered some very interesting keywords in the metadata of the YouTube page, including “Series 6”, which probably indicates the new Apple Watch. But there are other themes too, like iPad Air and many more. Unfortunately, they cannot be assigned so clearly to a new product because they already exist.

Even if Apple doesn’t mention it explicitly, it probably won’t be an actual live event, due to Corona. As with the WWDC keynote address, the press and “visitors” should expect a virtual presentation. It is quite possible that Apple will record the event as it did at the WWDC keynote. The manufacturer has everything under control and can perfectly comply with all hygiene regulations.

The GIGA Assessment: Apple Watch 6, New iPads, iPhone 12?

This now brings us to the assessment: What can we expect? The new Apple Watch Series 6 is considered ready, and there will likely be new iPads as well, as originally supposed for this week. There may also be Apple’s ominous “key finders” for viewing AirTags. But is the US manufacturer also showing us new iPhones? This is still uncertain, as the iPhone 12 was previously expected to be released separately in October. However, these rumors also canceled a September event, but now there is still a date this month.

Coming soon: ios 14 with all the new features:

In turn, the launch dates of the new systems are considered safe. So, we’ll find out when iOS 14, iPad OS 14, macOS Big Sur, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 will be available for download; It could be late next week, but definitely before the launch of the new Apple Watch. It will already run on watchOS 7 and then it also requires iOS 14 on the iPhone. Ergo: the launch must take place before the start of sales. For example, if it’s a week after September 25, iOS 14 should be available for download a few days before.