Aptoide: la alternativa a Google Play Store falla debido a su propia seguridad

Aptoide – Google Play Store alternative fails due to its own security

Ultimately, Aptoide could not guarantee the safety of its own users; user data could probably be stolen from large-scale databases.

In recent months, a frequent topic has been whether alternative app stores are also recommended. Supply sources other than the Google Play Store were rarely a major problem in previous years, but this has changed somewhat since the trade embargo against Huawei. And then questions about security arise. On the one hand with reference to the applications, some of which are offered unofficially there, and on the other hand in a very general way for users.

Aptoide complains about attacks on user data

Aptoide has 49 million registered customers and recently suffered a major data breach. Therefore, all functions that have to do with user accounts are currently disabled. This mainly affects user accounts that have their own email address and password. Those who used Facebook or Google to log in seem to have less to worry about. It is not yet known exactly how the attack occurred.

  • However, you should not consider your password strong. If you have used a dictionary word or a simple password, your password can be reversed. If you are using a shared password on other websites, you must also change the password on those websites.
  • Aptoide never kept credit cards, payment information, social security or phone numbers in the database.
  • All passwords are reset as soon as the login is usable again.
  • We will not open the login / login until we have a guarantee that user information is safe with us.

In general, you can check here, among other things, if your own user data has already been leaked and appeared in published databases.