Aceite de argán para un cabello hermoso

Argan oil for beautiful hair

Argan oil for beautiful hair

Miraculous Beauty Weapon

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Argan oil appears to be pure magic – it is said to be a miraculous cosmetic weapon and is also highly valued by gourmet chefs. In terms of hair care, it is also an insider. What’s the hype about the valuable argan oil?

Do you want to be always up to date when it comes to beauty? Then you shouldn’t do without oils! Do you want to always be up to date when it comes to beauty? Then you shouldn’t do without oils! Body oils, hair oils and, for some time, especially fine oils for the skin of the face have become increasingly popular and are being replaced in many baths.Classic body lotions, hair treatments and creams. Argan oil is particularly popular today for hair; There are even special shampoos and care series based on the high-quality raw material. Not without reason: its ingredients ensure that argan oil has the best conditions for hair care. Also, the miracle oil is incredibly versatile and can help you in the fight against various hair problems.

Argan oil: exclusive export from Morocco

Argan oil comes from Morocco, where it is extracted from the fruits of the argan tree, also known as argania. In its home country, argan oil has been valued for its cosmetic effects and also as an edible oil for centuries. However, the argan tree only grows in certain areas of Morocco and is now in danger of extinction. So far, attempts to cultivate the plant have failed.

Argan oil gives you silky and shiny hair, without much effort!

Since it is so rare, argan oil is one of the most expensive oils of all time. In addition, argan oil is traditionally pressed by hand: to obtain a liter of argan oil, 30 kilograms of seeds must be pressed! Argan oil glows in a beautiful golden hue and you can immediately recognize it by the intense smell. But not only the color is gold, the price has it all: Edible quality argan oil costs around € 80 per liter in this country; Argan oil, as it is used for cosmetic purposes, can cost up to five times as much, depending on the supplier. You should be suspicious of low prices, because the complex production and its rarity justify the price. When it comes to argan oil, you need to focus on quality – only pure argan oil is a true hair flatter!

How does argan oil affect hair?

From a cosmetic point of view, argan oil is so valuable primarily for its ingredients: it has a particularly high proportion of natural antioxidants and consists of more than 80 percent unsaturated fatty acids. That is why argan oil is suitable even in its pure form for hair care. Help your hair recover from styling stress and repair hair damage in no time; by the way, the miracle of beauty also ensures a natural and healthy look. Have an itchy and irritated scalp? Then you must make argan oil your best friend of beauty: it strengthens the roots of the hair, protects against fine and oily hair and prevents dandruff. Argan oil is also said to have a miraculous effect when it comes to anti-aging – it should protect you from gray hair and hair loss!

Styling and hair care with argan oil

Because argan oil is not just a care item, you can even use it to style your hair: although it does not shape your hair like wax, gel or foam, it provides a natural and healthy shine, makes it flexible, soft and easier to close style. All you have to do: put a few drops of argan oil in your hair and massage gently, and you will have a shiny and well-groomed mane that everyone will envy! To increase the effect, you can pamper your hair with argan oil after each wash. If you comb gently with your fingers, the argan oil wraps optimally around the hair, from the scalp to the ends.

Intensive treatment with argan oil

Is your hair stressed out and crying out for lasting repair from the latest styling attacks? No problem: with an intensive treatment with argan oil you give your hair exactly what it really needs. For such a cure, you need to put ten to twenty milliliters of argan oil on damp hair after washing and gently massage all the hair and ends, don’t forget your scalp! Then wrap your hair in a towel and relax for half an hour. After this exposure time, rinse the hair well with warm water and allow it to air dry. The argan oil hair treatment gets an extra effect if you warm it up a little earlier: it should feel pleasantly warm on the skin, but not hot.

Which argan oil is right for you?

To find the perfect argan oil for your hair, you should know that there are essentially two different types. Walnut oil for cooking is native argan oil, which is extracted from roasted argan seeds. Argan oil for cosmetic use, on the other hand, is sourced from unroasted beans and, unlike the edible oil variant, is nearly odorless. Therefore, the last variant of argan oil is the most suitable for use on the skin and hair. But the miracle of beauty not only supports you from the outside in terms of beauty, argan oil can also make you glow from the inside. A drop of oil in the salad every now and then doesn’t hurt. As you can see, the valuable oil is a true all-rounder when it comes to beauty.

Argan oil is a valuable raw material and an all-rounder cosmetic: it is versatile and can be a solution to many hair problems. Whether as a styling trick to create the healthy look possible, as regular hair care after washing, or as an intensive SOS treatment, it is definitely worth a try. Is Investing In Luxury Oil Too Big For You? No problem, argan oil shampoos, conditioners and cures take care of yours too, and much cheaper!

Image Source: Dreamstime / Denis Raev