¡Ariana para presidente!

Ariana for President!

Ariana for president!

Actually, the interview with the singer is very funny and the two moderators are very nice. But from 4:20 p.m. Ariana Grande briefly derailed her facial featureswhen asked if she could do it without makeup or her cell phone. Ariana responds: “Do you really think that’s all we girls worry about?”

Ariana ensures that she can do without her smartphone for a long time and that she does not hang around in front of it all the time, especially when she is among friends. After all, it’s important for her to pay attention to the people around her and just be present. However, when the two knights commented as “Girls, learn from it!” give, Ariana has to counter with: “Boys, learn from it!” After all, she believes that girls and boys are the same and that both can learn.