Ariana Grande está respaldada por Susan Sarandon

Ariana Grande is backed by Susan Sarandon

Donut scandal

wantedon 07/13/2015 | 13:26

A few days ago, Ariana Grande made headlines with the so-called donut door. The singer is said to have licked and spat out the donuts in a bakery. Now actress Susan Saradnon spoke highly of Ariana Grande.

When Ariana Grande played “Truth or Dare” with her friends a few days ago, a minor scandal erupted. Over the course of the game, the “Break Free” performer spat on baked goods at a donut shop and also gossiped about “fat Americans.” Many Americans reacted with outrage to the action. But Ariana Grande quickly showed remorse and posted two Instagram videos in which she apologized for her behavior.

Ariana Grande caused outrage with the donut door call

Now Ariana Grande has the backing of a renowned actress. Susan Sarandon wrote on her Twitter account: “Today licking a donut in solidarity with Ariana Grande.” Additionally, the 68-year-old singer described the “troubled” singer as “sweet, talented, and true American.” In another post, he called on those outraged by Ariana Grande to investigate more serious matters.

Ariana Grande appears in “Zoolander 2”

In an interview with the magazine “Vulture”, Susan Sarandon revealed why she took Ariana Grande under protection: the actress pointed out that she met the singer while filming “Zoolander 2” and therefore knew that she really was a good girl: “Couldn’t have been more professional or sweeter.” So Susan Sarandon couldn’t understand why there had been such a fuss over the donut scandal. “He’s smart and really cool, a really talented person,” the Hollywood legend said of Ariana Grande.

While Ariana Grande has not covered herself to fame for her behavior in the donut business, her apology videos on Instagram show that she is truly sorry for the action. Who knows, maybe Susan Sarandon’s attractiveness and warm words to Ariana Grande can help calm the internet community and let the singer see her mistakes.Image Source: © Getty Images / Neilson Barnard