Obtenga más información sobre su signo del zodíaco: signos del zodíaco y estructura de personalidad

Aries tattoo: this is how you immortalize your zodiac sign


Are you from the zodiac sign Aries and would you like to have your zodiac sign stabbed under your skin? Then we have all the important information for you here. We will tell you what a ram tattoo can represent and we will give you excellent templates to take with you.

What makes an Aries tattoo so special?

The Aries is a popular tattoo motif, and not just for people who are the zodiac sign of Aries themselves. Aries is influenced by the planet Mars in astrology. That makes for a very energetic and strong zodiac sign. This is probably also due to the fact that a fire burns in each Aries, because the sign of the zodiac belongs to the fire element. That makes an Aries personality very positive, strong but also dominant. The zodiac sign Aries represents energy, self-confidence, strength and independence. Therefore, an Aries tattoo can serve as a great reminder of your own strength or give you strength when you need it.

Learn more about your zodiac sign: zodiac signs and personality structure

Learn more about your zodiac sign: zodiac signs and personality structure

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Aries tattoo – what will the design look like?

If you are sure that you want to get an Aries tattoo, the possibilities are limitless. There are reasons with the ram as an animal or more abstract: and in my opinion more aesthetic and feminine – as an Aries woman. If you like it super minimal, you can have the zodiac sign in the line art symbol. To give you a better idea, we have selected some templates for inspiration. Perhaps there is a reason that you especially like.

# 1 Filigree lines with a constellation Aries

# 2 Mother-child love: a tattoo of Leo and Aries

# 3 Aries triangle tattoo

Once again, the triangle tattoo trend doesn’t stop there. It would be even more appropriate if the tip of the triangle pointed upwards, because then it symbolizes fire.

# 4 Aries symbol with constellation for the minimalists among us

# 5 Aries woman tattoo for a dose of girl power

Don’t want a permanent tattoo or are you looking for the perfect body motif for a festival? You can then use the Zodiac Tattoo Stencils (at Amazon, approx. $ 9) and XPassion Temporary Glitter Tattoo Colors (approx. $ 16, at Amazon) to conjure up your own tattoo.

The main facts about Aries:

  • The sign of the zodiac is between March 21 and April 20.
  • As an Aries zodiac sign, your element is fire.
  • Your planet is mars
  • Positive qualities: adventurous, persistent, combative, cheerful
  • Negative traits: aggressive, argumentative, impatient, messy

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