Ashlee Simpson tiene una niña

Ashlee Simpson has a baby girl

Ashlee Simpson has a baby girl

Feminine power!

wantedthe 02/06/2015 | 09:32

In fact, Ashlee Simpson’s pregnancy has yet to be officially confirmed. But now the singer spoke to “Us Magazine” and even revealed the sex of her unborn child.

As reported by “Us Weekly”, newlywed Ashlee Simpson and her husband Evan Ross can expect to have a baby girl in a few months. Ashlee Simpson revealed that personally to the celebrity portal! This means that the pregnancy news for women in their 30s should finally be confirmed.

Ashlee Simpson has a baby girl

Her six-year-old son Bronx Mowgli, who hails from Ashlee Simpson’s first marriage to rocker Pete Wentz, has female reinforcements at daycare. Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are delighted with the number four member of the familyEspecially the little Bronx is happy for the baby, as Jessica Simpson’s sister revealed in an interview with Us Weekly: “I told him about it pretty early. He wanted a little sister, so he’s really excited! He already has a little brother. Now he’s going to have a little sister. “

Ashlee Simpson eats for two

Bronx Mowgli’s little brother is not another son of Ashlee Simpson, but rather the five-month-old son of dad Pete Wentz and his new girlfriend Meagan Camper, Saint Laszlo. As a big brother, the Bronx has a bit of practice even before little mini Ashlee is born.. But while the six-year-old can’t wait for her little sister to be born, Ashlee Simpson is enjoying her second pregnancy to the fullest. “Ashlee is eating for two,” revealed a witness to Us magazine, who recently observed 30-year-old Evan Ross while visiting a pizzeria in Los Angeles.

It’s no wonder Ashlee Simpson has a healthy appetite, after all little mini Ashlee wants something too. Even if the due date is not yet known, we and the happy couple are already looking forward to the female addition to the family!

Image Source: gettyimages / Jamie McCarthy