Ashlee Simpson: ¿está cambiando su apellido?

Ashlee Simpson: is she changing her last name?

Ashlee Simpson: is she changing her last name?

A real steed

wantedon 06/01/2015 | 11:58

Ashlee Simpson no longer a Simpson? This process, unimaginable for many fans, could soon become a reality, as the singer supposedly plans to change her last name. Together with her new husband Evan Ross, at age 30 she would like to adopt the double name Ross-Naess. But how did Ashlee Simpson get this wish?

Last August, Ashlee Simpson and her chosen one Evan Ross had the wedding of their personal dreams. After all, Evan’s mother, music legend Diana Ross, spared no expense or effort to fulfill every wish of the enamored couple at her luxury property. However, according to information from the celebrity portal “TMZ”, the happy mother-in-law and Ashlee Simpson have not yet heard a common last name. – the reason: Ashlee’s husband is known to the public as Evan Ross, but his father’s name is Naess on his passport.

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross want a common last name

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross don’t want to be put off by this. As the online magazine reports, the two newlyweds are now said to have submitted an application to the court for a name change. Consequently, the two want to take Ross-Naess’s name together and thus combine the last names of Evan’s parents. So will Ashlee Simpson soon abandon her old surname, which she made her breakthrough with, to become a true steed?Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have to be patient

It will take some time before such a name change occurs. As “TMZ” claims to have discovered, the motion claimed by Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross must be reviewed and signed by a judge before the change can be implemented. This could happen at the end of January at the earliest. In any case, the two do not seem to want to take this step for image reasons, to benefit from the great name that Diana Ross has created for herself for decades. Rather, this decision is private in nature: The first child that Ashlee Simpson is currently expecting will already be born with a common name.

It is absolutely understandable that Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross want to finally seal their love with a common last name. Although they would have already been a small family with different names, this step is simplified a lot, especially with regard to the birth of their child …

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