Ashlee Simpson: ¡Por fin hay fotos de su boda!

Ashlee Simpson: There are finally photos from her wedding!

Ashlee Simpson: Finally there are photos of her wedding!

One year later

wantedon 07/29/2015 | 12:41

Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross have been married for almost a year, but so far the couple owes us some wedding photos. Now the time had finally come: The happy husband and future father posted several photos of their wonderful wedding day on Instagram and found it difficult to contain himself when it came to compliments to his girlfriend.

“Such a special day,” “Wonderful wedding moments,” “My amazing wife and I,” is how Evan Ross commented on the adorable wedding photos he shared with his Instagram fans a day ago. Their dream wedding was almost a year ago! On August 30, 2014, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross were married in a romantic ceremony on the property of their mother, music legend Diana Ross.

Of course we are very interested: What was Ashlee Simpson wearing on her big day? And the result has completely convinced us! The 30-year-old wore a two-piece dream made of white lace, consisting of a skirt with a train and a long-sleeved croptop. Her hair was open and wavy, a meter-long white veil completed the romantic boho look. But you could also see the groom in his black velvet suit with bow tie and hat. To the wedding photos, included the wedding kiss that Evan Ross commented with the words “I love those lips!” – The 26-year-old also showed snapshots of the rehearsal dinner, which traditionally takes place the night before the wedding.

When will Ashlee Simpson’s baby arrive?

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson not only got married extremely quickly after just over a year of relationship, just a few months after their dream wedding, the singer got pregnant too! Meanwhile, Ashlee Simpson is about to give birth to her first daughter, who will make the perfect love. Since her first marriage to Pete Wentz, she’s already six-year-old from the Bronx, whom Evan lovingly adopted.

The expectation for her first child is still great: “And now I can’t wait to meet my little girl!”the father-to-be wrote to a photo showing him, the Bronx and Ashlee Simpson from behind as they walk down a candle-lined hill.

Our hearts open when we see the beautiful photos from the wedding! Not only because it seems like the perfect country wedding, but also because Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross can be said to be very much in love and happy. Will you wait almost a year with a photo of your daughter? I hope not…