Ashley Graham se llama a sí mismo un ángel de Victoria's Secret

Ashley Graham calls himself a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Ashley Graham calls himself a Victoria's Secret Angel

But his photo was not well received by all the followers. Got comments from enemies like: Take a little class and stop crying about what you don’t have. Another wrote: “I have always liked this girl, she is very beautiful. But I hate his attitude more and more. Anyone who thinks the wing is not a great job is incredibly rude, disrespectful and has blinders on. “

Well, we think Ashley’s post is brave and great action, because after all, every girl should really love her body just the way it is. We think it’s great that the XXL model is so committed that lingerie companies like “Victoria’s Secret” should represent different body types. Keep it up, Ashley!

Former GNTM model Sarina Nowak is also posing as a sexy plus size model!