Ashley Tisdale ahora tiene el pelo azul

Ashley Tisdale now has blue hair

Ashley Tisdale now has blue hair

So blue

wantedon 09/30/2014 | 14:19

Ashley Tisdale has been true to her blonde hair for years. For new husband Christopher French, perhaps one of the reasons he once fell in love with the sweet “High School Musical” actress? As soon as she got married, Ashley Tisdale felt compelled to try a new look.

Ashley Tisdale shows off her new hair color

And that’s really more than daring! Why Ashley Tisdale now has blue hair. With Kelly Osbourne or Katy Perry, this look wouldn’t have surprised us as much, but Ashley Tisdale? Otherwise, the actress is so good …

A few weeks ago, Ashley Tisdale was resplendent with her long blonde hair from her wedding photos, now Christopher French has to settle for a blue-haired bride. Ashley Tisdale introduced her new hair color to her fans on Instagram and was not put off by a tongue-in-cheek comment. “I might get a cold, but I have lavender in my braid!The 29-year-old announced with a wink.

Ashley Tisdale in Smurfette’s look

Ashley Tisdale is excited about the success of her series

But it’s not just the blue hair that immediately catches the eye of the hairy image viewer. In the second image, Ashley Tisdale poses in front of a movie poster of the series “Young & Hungry”, of which she is a producer. “Aaaaaahhhhh !!! @abcfamily has addressed the second season of @youngandhungryabc. I’m so excited I could literally kiss @ wree’s ass. I am very proud of the team and the ensemble on the show, truly talented people.Ashley Tisdale expressed her joy at the remake of the American television show and immediately shared the snapshot of the Smurfs with her fans.

One thing has to be given to Ashley Tisdale: she can really wear the new hair color! Let’s see how long the 29-year-old beauty stays true to this trend …

Image Source: Instagram / Ashley Tisdale