Ashton Kutcher es el que más ingresos gana entre las estrellas de la serie

Ashton Kutcher is the highest earning among the stars of the series

Ashton Kutcher is the highest earning among the stars of the series

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wantedon 08/26/2014 | 11:36

You could almost believe that everything he touches turns to gold – Ashton Kutcher has been a famous movie star and serial hero for years and the money he invested in startups has already brought him millions. Now Ashton Kutcher can also look forward to the award for highest paid serial actor, once again.

Things are going very well for Ashton Kutcher: Along with his girlfriend Mila Kunis, the 36-year-old is expecting offspring soon and financially he could hardly be better. Ashton Kutcher earned an income of $ 26 million over the past 12 months from his income alone from leading the hit comedy “Two and a Half Men.”

No serial actor can match Ashton Kutcher on paychecks

This makes Ashton Kutcher the highest paid actor according to the business magazine “Forbes”. For the third time in a row, the former model, who celebrated her breakthrough with the series “The Wild 70s,” can look forward to this award. But his salary for the role of Walden in “Two and a Half Man” is not the only source of money he gets. In addition to his acting career, Ashton Kutcher has long been considered a shrewd businessman. Interested in technology and with a feeling for startups, the 36-year-old continues to ring the cash register.Ashton Kutcher knows how to make money

Ashton Kutcher is a fan of social media and regularly posts pictures of his private life and messages to his fans. Therefore, he uses his Twitter and Facebook accounts intensively, much to the delight of his fans. Plus, his heart beats for tech startups. Ashton Kutcher has already invested in Skype, Foursquare, Airbnb and Path, thus opening up more sources of money. Since June 2013, he is said to have made around $ 3 million from his investments. Even if Ashton Kutcher has generally missed the awards ceremonies thus far, earning more than his colleagues on the series, he just knows how to let the cash register ring.

Ashton Kutcher has every reason to be happy: As a future father, he will soon be waiting for news and his account is more than full. Congratulations Ashton Kucher on your business acumen!

Image Source: Getty Images / Mauricio Lima