Ashton Kutcher: dulce declaración de amor a Wyatt

Ashton Kutcher: Sweet Declaration of Love to Wyatt

Ashton Kutcher: Sweet Declaration of Love to Wyatt

Fatherly greetings

wantedthe 22/10/2014 | 09:57

Little Wyatt Isabelle saw the light a good three weeks ago. And while her parents, Hollywood actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, always hold back with information about their daughter, the proud father just can’t help but praise her pride at every public appearance.

Ashton Kutcher has only been a father for 22 days, but already steal the show from every parent in the world. The actor can barely contain his little daughter’s pride …

Ashton Kutcher sends secret messages to Wyatt

Just a few weeks ago, Ashton Kutcher was supposed to announce a tablet in his first public appearance after the birth of Klein-Wyatt. Still completely enchanted by the miracle of the birth of his first daughter, the new dad gleefully chattered: “I’m happy to be here and introduce my other new baby, Yoga 2.” The wide smile on his face closed. realize that Ashton Kutcher couldn’t be happier with little mini Mila.

Ashton Kutcher tweeted for Wyatt

As “” now reports, Ashton Kutcher was spotted on a walk in Los Angeles on Friday. Without Mila Kunis and Wyatt Isabelle by her side, that’s why The “Two And A Half Men” star wore a baseball cap with the inscription “W”. And that, we are sure, represents his little daughter, whose name begins with the same letter. On the same day, the new 36-year-old father sang the message “Don’t let anyone tell you that they are better than you!On his Twitter account. The tweet, which sounds like a wise father, is a quote from the movie “Forrest Gump.” Ashton Kutcher may want to give his daughter the message on her way through life like Mrs. Gump does to little Forrest.

So sweet! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis also keep their private lives private, but the 36-year-old peppered his outfits and social media accounts with little hidden messages to show how much he loves being a dad and how satisfying this new role is.

Image source: gettyimages / Larry Busacca