Ashton Kutcher: Ese fue el beso con Jon Cryer

Ashton Kutcher: That was the kiss with Jon Cryer

Ashton Kutcher: That was the kiss with Jon Cryer


wantedon 02/24/2015 | 11:10

Shortly after the end of “Two And A Half Men,” lead actors Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer are currently invited to various American talk shows to discuss their time together. The duo also talked about more intimate topics on the late night show “Conan.”

Last night Ashton Kutcher and his “Two And A Half Men” colleague Jon Cryer were invited to Conan O’Brien’s late night show in Beverly Hills, where they discussed their time together on the recently filmed comedy series. Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer started chatting when the moderator approached the two about the mutual kiss, which took place in the last episode, among other things. The “Walden” actor even had some interesting advice up his sleeve for the lords of creation.

Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer get along very well

“Jon is my second male movie kiss. My first one was, Friend, where is my car? Ashton Kutcher explained to the moderator and then gave some advice to the men’s world: “If you want to know if you are gay, kiss a boy! If you don’t feel anything, you know it. ” Ashton Kutcher subsequently spoke in particular about the film’s kiss with his colleague Jon Cryer, with whom he has been in front of the camera on “Two And A Half Men” for the past four years.

Ashton Kutcher: That was the kiss in the movie with Jon CryerWarning, spoilers! In the final episode of season 12 of “Two And A Half Men”, “Walden Schmidt” and “Alan Harper” marry in order to adopt a baby. Of course, a wedding kiss should not be missing. “Although Jon is a wonderful person, I didn’t feel anything”Ashton Kutcher joked and then brought up an issue that worries many women when they have a bearded friend: “It was strange because he has some beard and now I understand the problem with the beard. It’s a bit scratchy and spicy. ” As Ashton Kutcher talked about his buddy’s stubble, Jon Cryer had nothing wrong with kissing the heartthrob: “You are an excellent kisser!”How comforting it is that at least one man has realized that a beard, as sexy as it may seem, can be really uncomfortable when kissing. Mila Kunis, for her part, can consider herself lucky: because we would like to have an excellent kisser at home!

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