Astro coaching series Los lados misteriosos de Acuario: está adelantado a su tiempo

Astro coaching series The Mysterious Sides of Aquarius: He is ahead of his time

Astro coaching series The Mysterious Sides of Aquarius: He is ahead of his time

In the eleventh part of our astro training series “The Mysterious Pages of the Zodiac Signs”, Erich Bauer reveals the secret desires, fears and happiness strategies of an Aquarius.

At least in our current culture, everyone knows what the individual signs of the zodiac mean. Even children sometimes show their zodiac sign. This series deals, therefore, with those characteristics of the zodiac signs that are not so obvious: their secret inclinations, those that for the most part they do not know themselves and about which their peers know nothing at all.

Your karma

The Aquarius section follows Capricorn. Aquarius often experiences himself as having escaped this Capricorn zodiac sign with his rules and obligations, as if he should – yes he should – himself. take more liberties than others. This sometimes leads to the fact that the representatives of this zodiac sign are frankly eccentric, and each Aquarius certainly develops a lifestyle that is different from the rest of the world. It starts with how they dress, how they live, what they eat, and sometimes culminates in the fact that they don’t adhere to the common notion of association, p. Eg B. living together as a woman with a woman and as a man with a man.

The interesting thing is that if you do genealogical research, it is almost the rule that if you look back two generations at the latest, ancestry can no longer be accurately determined. The grandfather is unknown or emigrated, the grandmother is an adopted daughter or does not know exactly who the father of her child is. This also hides the freedom of movement, that is, not sticking to the usual clichés.

Properties of the zodiac: all about the zodiac sign Aquarius – 21.01.2020 until 19.02.2020

Your secret wishes

Astrology explains the secret desires of a zodiac sign from the position of the solar seventh house on the star wheel. For those born in Aquarius, it is the sign of Leo. This is where it finally culminates his desire to be free and live like a king, a queen. It is surprising that, on the other hand, all Aquarians defend themselves against the authorities. How is this contradiction explained? If an Aquarius yearns for free majesty, then for him it is in no way related to rising above others. His true wish culminates in the idea that he not only lives free as a king, but everyone else with him as well.

You want a community where everyone respects each other in their own way, even supports you in increasing this special feature. This image of a free society also shapes his ideal of society as first posited during the French Revolution: liberty, equality, brotherhood. Interestingly, it was precisely at this time that the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus, was discovered.

The great astro-lexicon

Their fears

The fears that afflict those born in Aquarius originate in their solar fourth, sixth and tenth houses, that is, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. Goes the biggest threat of the Scorpio section. Embody everything that an Aquarius rejectsand what makes you fear if you can’t avoid it: family, clan, country are some of the words that count. But the theme of death, which belongs to this zodiac sign, can also scare an Aquarius. Very similar themes are related to the zodiac sign Cancer, its second “sign of fear.”

This includes, for example, that Aquarians often have little relationship to their family of origin and prefers to maintain close connections with a group of friends. Another confirmation is that Aquarius is one of the zodiac signs most likely to adopt children. The zodiac sign Taurus embodies everything that is firm, solid and immovable. Many people with this zodiac sign are downright claustrophobic.

Your lucky strategy

There are three themes that make Aquarius happy. They are the result of your fifth, ninth, and eleventh solar house. The fifth solar house is called Gemini. Here you can find People who are as open as you and they have the same views. In the Schütze section, however, he finds his eleventh solar house open borders and wide open spaces. Aquarius is cosmopolitan. This assumes that there are no fixed borders or even iron curtains between individual countries, peoples and cultures – exactly what is included in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

But also turning to a spirit world, which is at home in the Sagittarius section, attracts Aquarians. The solar ninth house, in turn, Libra, offers you a world of open encounters. The fact that the differences can also be the same, the basic idea of ​​the sign of Libra, characterizes his philosophy. Aquarius does not judge by skin color, nationality, status, or income. It represents the philosophy that ultimately gives the world hope that at some point everything will be better.

Aquarius in old age

Something wonderful happens in old age: Those people with the Aquarius zodiac sign, who have followed their individuality and peculiarity in their previous life, experience a fun night of which they can pursue their need for freedom and independence even more than before.

For example, I know of a married couple of two mermen who bought a small motorhome with their money as retirees and have been traveling the world in this vehicle since they retired. However, Aquarians who have “pinched” this urge can develop absurd habits under certain circumstances. The last great quantum leap is death. Then life is complete.

His relationship with magic

Magic, even if there is the most remote relationship with the zodiac sign Scorpio, is deeply rejected by Aquarius. That is why they do not like to “move the table” to converse with the deceased in this way. But they are extremely open to spiritual and scientifically based methods.

The first and foremost thing is astrology, which is based on a scientific basis. Many astrologers were and are Aquarius. These people are also fascinated by futuristic methods. That one can become immortal through a corresponding life is part of it, but also the conviction of many Aquarians that life could continue on another planet.

Author: Erich Bauer

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