Astro Summit Erich Bauer: Su horóscopo anual para 2019

Astro Summit Erich Bauer: Your Annual Horoscope for 2019

Erich Bauer presented his annual forecast for next year at the big Astro Summit. Now he follows his annual horoscope, in which he reveals the individual signs of the zodiac what the year 2019 will be like for them.

Seven great astrologers predict what 2019 will bring to you personally at the Astro Summit. After Erich Bauer warned of upcoming storms in his annual forecast, everything in his yearly horoscope now revolves around individual zodiac signs and their year 2019. Whoever is ready for the change wins!

Erich Bauer’s 2019 yearly horoscope for Aries

You can rely on the annual rulers Mercury and Jupiter in 2019. With their help you will be able to deceive destiny time and time again. Even when the going gets tough, don’t let go of the feathers. On the contrary, it is probably in a better position at the end of the year than it is today.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Taurus

Starting in the spring, Uranus will be in your zodiac sign and will be flanked by Pluto and Saturn. There are no better signs to get more out of your life. However, this assumes that you are not stubbornly clinging to who you currently are. Show a willingness to change something. You can experience a miracle.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Gemini

Mercury, the annual ruler, favors you. Jupiter opens up completely new possibilities for you. You will probably be surprised at first and you won’t know if you can trust yourself. Put away your fear! Heaven wants you to be better in 2019. So jump on your shadow. Everything will be fine.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 Annual Horoscope for Cancer

Saturn, Pluto and Uranus are ready. Whatever you do, you will succeed. But, they have to leave their shell, become more courageous, not be guided by their fears and fears. Enter the new year feeling as if the sky is watching you.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Leo

Mercury, the annual ruler, is one of your favorite planets because it evokes lightness in your life. Jupiter will provide you with rays of happiness in 2019. Then there is also Uranus, who will crown you, provided you finally realize what you have in mind.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Virgo

In 2019, the annual Mercury ruler will evoke all concerns, fears, reservations, uncertainties and doubts. Now you can finally lead the life that is meant for you – from one moment to the next. You advance professionally and privately.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Libra

The cosmic storm subsides in 2019. Uranus withdraws from its counter-sign. You can breathe easy. In addition to that, you benefit from two heavenly forces, namely Mercury and Jupiter: everything indicates that you will finally find your center again and get great ideas from it. And a love to your liking is also destined for you.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Scorpio

You can also fight your way through existence only in 2019 and you are probably making quite a bit of progress. But your prospects are much better when you see yourself as part of something bigger. That may be your old job, but it can also be a completely new one, and that can relate to starting a family as well.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Sagittarius

Jupiter makes your zodiac sign happy and connects with Mercury, the annual ruler: 2019 will be your best year in a long time. What are you doing with that? Invest a little more money than usual in the game and finally have the courage to end an unworthy situation. This can be your job or your association.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Capricorn

Assume the world is waiting for you. They have the strongest stars that exist. However, you are not only allowed to represent your own interests, you must take care of a greater cause. It could even be a public office. In no case do not make yourself small. No one can hold you up with a candle.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Aquarius

Jupiter and Mercury will take you to heaven in 2019 and create wonderful sensations. Uranus, in turn, will bring you to earth so that you can make your dreams come true there. Just don’t think it will be easy. You have to give it your all and be prepared for a miracle. You can do it.

Erich Bauer’s 2019 annual horoscope for Pisces

Neptune will protect you even if you think it has left you. No way! In 2019 you will put Pluto, Saturn and Uranus aside. Gone are the days when they forgot you. On the contrary. Always and everywhere it will be said: Where is the fish? So come out of hiding. Show yourself!

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