En el baile Kathrein en Pettstadt "radiado" eso

At the Kathrein ball in Pettstadt "radiated" that

Elfriede and Peter Körner celebrated the rare celebration of the wedding of grace in Pettstadt. District Administrator Johann Kalb and Mayor Jochen Hack congratulated them on their 70 years of marriage.

Both Körners were born in Pettstadt and recall a life characterized by hard work and hard work. Peter Körner, 95, was born one of six children and learned to be a bricklayer. An occupation that he carried out well into his 80s.

Elfriede Körner (87) saw the light as one of two girls and dedicated herself to home and family. The animated couple have a daughter, nine grandchildren, who now live throughout Germany, and ten great-grandchildren.

Elfriede and Peter Körner are still very energetic and active, doing the gardening and sawing the wood themselves. They met at the Kathrein Ball in Pettstadt. At that time, they remember, it had rained so hard that they had to stay on the dance floor longer, so they got to know each other better and eventually fell in love.

There were no major celebrations for their wedding in October 1950, as the house was being built in parallel with the wedding preparations on Bahnstrasse, where they still live in their four well-preserved walls. Red