A esta edad Bibi quiere hijos

At this age Bibi wants children

At this age Bibi wants children

Well, if that’s not a sign that you definitely want a child.

(27.03.2017) Bibi and Julian buy baby clothes

Actually, it all started out harmlessly enough. Julian wanted to vlog again and filmed himself and Bibi giving away bags with the new Bilou foams in the center of Cologne. When the two of them walked into a large department store (Bibi wanted to look for bedding), they ended up in the children’s department and spontaneously bought baby clothes. Do you want to have a child soon after all?

After the two of them ended up in the children’s department instead of the bedding department, Julian got the idea to just buy baby clothes. “Shall we look for baby clothes?” He suggests and Bibi is also on fire. The topic of “children” no longer seems entirely absurd. Bibi thinks the idea of ​​buying clothes now and putting them on the child later is totally cute. When Bibi asks a bit shyly, “Would you like a son?” She even gets a little offended when Julian said “No, but I think that’s a cool thing.” He relativized the statement and said the response was thoughtful and right now, he couldn’t imagine it.

But when the two discover pink sneakers with rainbow-colored laces and a body in pink, everything looks a little different. Julián said that maybe in ten years they could be seen unpacking their shoes, but who knows. After all, it may not be that long before the two of you decide to have a baby.