¡Atención!  ¡Gripe masculina mortal!  + Bingo de mierda

Attention! Deadly male flu! + Shit bingo

Attention!  Deadly male flu!  + Shit bingo

By living with three men (at least two of whom are prepubescent), you learn a lot: Dragline excavators are great, better to spit peas directly on the ground and The common cold is a deadly disease. In technical jargon, the latter phenomenon is also known as a man’s cold or as the doctor likes to say: “For God’s sake, nothing here helps …”

The male cold is a worldwide phenomenon. Affected men of all ages can no longer work, help around the house, and cope with their own lives.

The course of the male cold is extremely dangerous, especially for single men. The man, completely exhausted by the cold, falls into deep self-pity because he cannot complain to anyone about his suffering. Only by watching mindless series of binges does the single man get a chance to jump to death from the shovel.

The man in a relationship has clear advantages: Because women seem to be immune to the nasty cold germs of men, he demands the condemned partner all the attention of your wife or girlfriend. She makes tea, makes compresses for calves, and can The only way to stop completely exaggerated whining is by threatening a fever suppository.

From this moment on, there is a slow but noticeable improvement in the general condition of the man: he will soon be able to get out of bed without external help and move freely around the apartment. Even young children can get back to having fun with cars and dinosaurs and gradually transform back into cheeky little superheroes.

When the man is healthy again, he looks back with pride. Agony won. At least this year …

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With the kind permission of ERGO Direkt, where this article was originally published.