Audi A3 Sedan (2020): potencia y estética para la segunda generación

Audi A3 Sedan (2020): power and aesthetics for the second generation

Audi A3 Sedan (2020): power and aesthetics for the second generation

The focus of the new A3 sedan, which will be available from summer 2020, is not just extensive network options, but also new units and a more precise chassis tuning, as the manufacturer says. The wheelbase has not changed compared to its predecessor, but the car has been lengthened a bit more. It has grown four centimeters to 4.50 meters. The width has grown from 1.80 meters to 1.82 meters and the height has also grown by at least one centimeter.

Audi A3 Sedan (2020) – Powerful design

Typical of the A3 sedan: the body line extends to the rear bumper. Similar to a coupe, the roofline runs dynamically down from the B-pillar and ends in a distinctive spoiler on the tailgate. If you’re willing to pay an additional fee, you can even get the spoiler in carbon. This not only provides a visual accent, but also underlines the car’s rather powerful overall character.

Inside, you can expect a 10.1-inch touchscreen that’s tilted slightly toward the driver. The 10.25-inch instrument cluster behind the wheel is also digitally designed and reaches customers on the base model. For a supplement, you can also order the instrument cluster as a 12.3-inch version (Audi Virtual Cockpit Plus) and then choose from three different views at any time. For example, to display engine speed and speed as bar graphs. Also available at an additional cost: a head-up display that projects important information onto the windshield in the driver’s direct field of vision.

Easy integration with smartphones

You can connect your smartphone to the new A3 sedan through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you use an Android smartphone, you can not only unlock and lock the car with the Audi Connect Key service, but also start it without a physical key. In the form of personalization, it is possible for up to six people to save their preferred settings in individual profiles. For example for seats, air conditioning and media. Speaking of media: a DAB + digital radio is standard on board.

Also standard: A camera behind the interior mirror that works with the frontal radar to avoid accidents or at least to reduce their severity. An evasive assistant is also involved in this important interaction.

Three impulses at the beginning of marketing

In addition to the two gasoline models, a diesel version is also available for market launch. In these three models, the Audi A3 sedan is basically rated at 110 kW (150 PS) and is available with a newly developed six-speed manual transmission as well as a quick-change seven-speed S tronic (petrol and diesel).

The S-tronic drive of the petrol variant is also linked to a mild hybrid system. It recovers energy when decelerating, supports the engine when starting and accelerates from low speeds with a torque of up to 50 Nm and allows the A3 sedan to glide in many situations with the engine off. This can save you a bit of fuel. Audi promises up to 0.4 liters per 100 kilometers. Not much, but at least something.

How much does the Audi A3 (2020) cost as a sedan?

Pre-sales of the Audi A3 sedan will begin in Germany and many other European countries from the end of April. The first deliveries will begin in summer. In terms of price, you have to budget at least 29,800 euros for the car. Shortly after market launch, there will be a less powerful entry-level model with a gasoline engine, which is available at a price of 27,700 euros. However, you cannot get an environmental bonus because there is no state premium for mild hybrid vehicles.