La aplicación AR de Google ayuda a mantener la distancia

Augmented reality improves a lot with Google

Google is expanding ARCore with a new interface, which means that even simple smartphone cameras can perceive a 3D environment.

Good augmented reality is highly dependent on whether the camera and software can perceive depth information. For example, an object in the space on which virtual objects are based. In a typical example, the virtual object can be placed behind the real object because the software perceives the environment in 3D. For example, a cat behind a sofa. Everything is better with cats, we know that. Google’s new interface is sufficient for a single camera.

“With the ARCore Depth API, developers can use our depth drift algorithms to create a depth map with a single RGB camera. The depth map is created by taking several pictures from different angles and comparing them while moving the phone to estimate the distance to each pixel. “

Of course, it gets even better with cameras with time-of-flight sensors to get depth information, as it is already installed on some Android smartphones today. In any case, Google’s AR platform for Android will be significantly better for many smartphones. Thumbs up.

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