El color de cabello de tendencia Aurora es tan hermoso

Aurora trending hair color is so beautiful

Aurora trending hair color is so beautiful


Hardly a week goes by without a new hair color trend. After “Cold Brew” and “Chili Chocolate”, the color aurora now conquers the hearts of all women.

Even if fall was a long time coming and it came around the corner with summer temperatures, we are in an absolute fall mood. In keeping with this, we keep stumbling across the hashtag #aurorahair on Instagram. The new on-trend hair color is another balayage technique, with the difference that instead of blonde locks, a pastel shade of red is worked into the hair.

Aurora makes you want to see red again

“Aurora” is Latin and translates to sunrise, the reddish color of the eastern sky before sunrise. This is exactly what hair color should remember. Instead of bright red pigments, only warm tones with a red tint are used, evoking large reflections depending on the desired intensity. The Special: The soft tone looks very natural and looks equally good on blondes and brunettes. Even women with naturally red hair can add depth to their hair thanks to Aurora. The color is highlighted by light waves.

If you feel like trying the new trend now, you should make an appointment at the salon quickly. Because dyeing at home is not a good idea. Only a specialist knows how to give a great accent with the right technology.

These 33 famous women also prove how beautiful red hair is:

What do you think of the new trend? Do you like soft locks of red hair? Is the aurora color maybe something for you too or are you not a fan of red hair? Feel free to tell us in the comments here or on Facebook!

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