Autocompletar en Android: ultra conveniente y ahora incluso mejor

AutoComplete on Android – Ultra Convenient and Now Even Better

Autocomplete on Android: ultra convenient and now even better

Google is improving autocomplete on mobile devices, especially in the area of ​​credit cards, there will be practical simplifications for everyday life in the near future.

The so-called AutoFill has been available on Android for several years, and this feature has also been available on the Chrome browser for some time. This makes it possible to have passwords or user data stored in Chrome automatically filled in the corresponding fields, which is fast, convenient and secure. Google is now expanding these features on mobile devices with Android and Chrome browsers, the developers announce.

CVC only for the first entry, biometric confirmation

“In the future, you will be able to use Chrome to register your device to obtain card numbers using biometric authentication, eg. Eg B. your fingerprint. You will still have to provide your CVC the first time you use your credit card. However, for future transactions, you can use biometric authentication to verify your credit card instead of pulling out your wallet and entering the CVC. “

In addition, Google improves the entry of passwords and usernames. Autocomplete is mostly more automated here and should be available on devices in the coming weeks.

“When you log in, Chrome’s new tap-to-complete feature displays your saved accounts for the current website in a convenient and recognizable dialog. You can log in with one hand without having to scroll to the corresponding form fields to select an account. “