"Vengadores 4: Endgame": Iron Man debería haber viajado originalmente a Asgard

"Avengers 4: Endgame": Iron Man should have originally traveled to Asgard

"Avengers 4: Endgame": Iron Man should have originally traveled to Asgard

With the successor to “Infinity War,” “Endgame,” the Marvel Cinematic Universe celebrated its grand climax, as did Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). As is now known, it should have originally ended up in Thor’s house.

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We want to play it safe even more than a month after “Avengers 4: Endgame” was released in theaters, and so we want to make one. Spoiler warning for everyone who hasn’t seen the movie yet.

With “Endgame,” Joe and Anthony Russo undoubtedly created a superlative cinematic experience: in addition to an unrivaled show from Hollywood stars and an epic three-hour runtime, the directors managed to include a great deal of fan service in their film. and even to show one or another highlight of the Marvel Cinematic Universe from a new perspective. One of those scenes where the Avengers travel back in time to deflect known events should have been very different. Because, as screenwriter Stephen McFeely now reveals, Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) should originally have traveled to Asgard.

McFeely, who was involved in the scripts for six MCU movies to date and the “Marvel’s Agent Carter” series, originally wanted to send Iron Man to Asgard. “Technically, we have both the Tesseract and the Ether here,” says McFeely. “So we wanted Tony [Stark] send Asgard in an invisible stealth suit, where he would have fought Heimdall. ” (via Empire)

Ultimately, however, they decided differently: against “Thor 2” (which McFeely wrote, by the way) and for “Marvel’s The Avengers,” which is likely due to Joe Russo. “I think he was the one who said, ‘Why don’t we take’ Avengers’? It’s the biggest and funniest movie. ‘ And in hindsight, this decision was probably the right one, as the scene is definitely one of the most exciting and spectacular in the entire film.

While “Endgame” still draws some viewers to theaters and there is only just under $ 65 million left to replace James Cameron’s “Avatar – Departure for Pandora” as the most successful movie of all time, the next MCU will begin on July 4, 2019. -Film – then “Spider-Man: Far From Home” hits German cinemas.

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