Evite el plástico: paños de cera de abejas en lugar de aluminio y film transparente (instrucciones)

Avoid plastic: beeswax cloths instead of aluminum and cling film (instructions)

Avoid plastic: beeswax cloths instead of aluminum and cling film (instructions)

Is he bothering you too? The huge mountain of garbage that you have to get rid of every week? We have been using rubber for a few weeks now and we are delighted. We do not use aluminum or transparent film. Because: rubbers are THE perfect alternative for us in the sense of a lifestyle reduced in plastic. You can buy rubbers everywhere. by about 19 euros you get four pieces *. But these rubbers can also be used here do it yourself easily. Even talented artisan “professionals” can do it.

What can you pack with the beeswax towels?

Cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, sandwiches, salads, open yogurt jars, … stay fresh for longer thanks to oilcloths.

Through Body heat you can simply place the cloths on the food Shape.

Raw meat and raw fish you should with that NO Wrap around!

For onion and garlic I use a own fabric because of the strong smell.

In the summer on the lake, you should not use the beeswax cloths; beeswax becomes liquid again in very hot weather.

Make beeswax towels yourself

Cleaning and durability of beeswax cloths:

Cloths are NOT dishwasher safe. Just wipe them with something Soap Y cold water. So they are reusable.

After The wax will go rancid for 10-12 months.. You can then cut it into strips and use it as a fireplace starter.

What you need for the beeswax cloths:

Make beeswax towels yourself

This is how you make the beeswax sheets

Wash the fabric (without fabric softener), iron it soft and then cut it to the size you want. If you have specific glasses that you want to cover with it, cut it slightly larger. For example, I use the cream or yogurt open cup cloths and have cut out two cloths of this size. In order to nothing fraysyou use one for this Zigzag scissors.

Make beeswax towels yourself

melt the beeswax and coconut oil in a water bath. The oil makes the rubbers flexible.

Hot at the same time you Iron over medium heat.

Put a sheet Parchment paper on your ironing board, the piece material about that.

Once the wax has melted, you brush it off with the Fine silicone brush on the cloth. The wax dries extremely quickly on the cloth: It doesn’t matter if all parts of the fabric are not covered with wax. – we do it in the next step.

Make beeswax towels yourself

Now place the second layer of parchment paper on the cloth and iron on it (no steam). The wax liquefies again and the pressure spreads the wax all over the cloth. Brush it from the center to the edges of the cloth – Excess wax comes out the sides.

Make beeswax towels yourself

Now you have to quickly peel off the top parchment paper and take off the rubber. Then think it is 10 seconds up in the air to dry.

Make beeswax towels yourself

Your rubber is ready, which is not only super practical but it smells super good too.

Make beeswax towels yourself

Beeswax cloths as a meaningful and self-made gift

I also like to give away a set of homemade beeswax towels. So far, all the MEGAs have been happy about it.

Make beeswax towels yourself

Cleaning the brush and pot

When you’re done, the pot and brush are likely covered in cold beeswax. Place the pot with the brush inside the fire with water and dishwasher and bring everything to a boil. This will dissolve the beeswax.

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