"Eje" en Netflix: genial tráiler de la secuela de culto con Samuel L.Jackson

"Axis" On Netflix: great trailer for the cult sequel with Samuel L. Jackson

"Axis" on Netflix: great trailer for the cult sequel with Samuel L. Jackson

Almost 50 years after the first “Shaft” movie, “Son Of Shaft” is the third movie in the series, on Netflix. In the new trailer you can see Richard Roundtree and Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Shaft’s new young actor Jessie Usher:

Blaxploitation is back! After the genre that emerged in America in the 1970s and produced some cult classics using cliches and sometimes questionable stereotypes, it experienced its revival. While Quentin Tarantino likes to rely on blaxploitation ties in his films, the last decade has also brought some representatives of the genre like “Black Dynamite” and “Proud Mary.” The remake of “Superfly” released in 2018 will soon be followed by the return of one of the most important heroes of the genre with “Son Of Shaft”: the new and animated trailer undoubtedly sets the atmosphere for the sequel, which will be available in Germany. in just a few weeks. Stream appears.

This is what the new “Shaft” is all about

Young FBI agent Shaft (Jessie Usher) is a cybercrime expert, but otherwise has little in common with his predecessors. Because both his father (Samuel L. Jackson) and his great-uncle (Richard Roundtree) are tough old school cops who swear by their own methods of maintaining law and order on the streets. When all three generations are forced to work together on a new case, old and new investigative methods collide …

In addition to original actor Richard Roundtree and his successor Samuel L. Jackson, who first imitated Shaft in 2000, his son John awaits us in “Son Of Shaft” (which is simply called “Shaft” in the English original). This is played by 27-year-old Jessie Usher, who has already been allowed to slip into the role of the son of a great hero: in “Independence Day: Return” he played the offspring of Will Smith’s character from the first part.

Also in the predominantly African-American cast are rapper Method Man (“So High”), Alexandra Shipp (“Straight Outta Compton”) and Regina Hall, known for the films “Scary Movie.” Directed by “Fantastic Four” and “Ride Along” creator Tim Story.

While “Shaft” will be released in the US on June 14, 2019, the film will premiere on Netflix in Germany just two weeks later (June 28).