Foto de Baby True revela detalles sorprendentes

Baby True photo reveals surprising details

Baby True photo reveals surprising details

Khloe kardashian

Khloé Kardashian’s latest photo on Instagram of her daughter True reveals a surprising and truly cute detail that most fans weren’t expecting.

Like her half-sister Kylie (but unlike her sisters Kim and Kourtney), Khloé Kardashian is more reluctant to take photos of her baby. But even the Kardashian’s younger sister can’t fully resist the temptation to share sweet snapshots of her four-month-old daughter True with fans.

In the last image you can even see the little mouse for once without an Instagram filter. And that makes one detail even more remarkable:

In an airy white sundress, True leans on a large pillow. Besides her sweet pout, another facial feature particularly stands out: Truth’s eyes are green! Although both Mama Khloé and Papa Tristan have brown eyes. Woohoo!

The proud father had already revealed the unusual color of his eyes during an internet podcast in May. When asked about it by a fan on Twitter, Khloé was cautious: “Well, your eye color can change until the sixth month. So first wait to see what else happens. “

Do you think True Thompson’s eye color is about to change? Maybe you know of your own child who initially had a different eye color at birth that changed later? Tell us if you like it in the comments below the article or on Facebook.