Babylights se ven tan hermosos en rosa

Babylights look so beautiful in pink

Babylights look so beautiful in pink

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Balayage has been the trend in hair coloring for years. After cool platinum blonde highlights, palm paint, and slightly metallic blonde hues, the discreetly shimmering babylights in pink are conquering hair salons. Best of all, highlights don’t just work on blondes, but on dark hair too.

Do not worry! The latest trend is not about thick, rosy or rosy strands. Much more, the new baby lights are supposed to make the look much more natural. To do this, the finest possible strands are drawn all over the hair at random. Instead of aluminum foil, hairdressers use thin strips of cotton to separate individual strands from each other. The goal: a completely natural and random result, almost “messy”.

Babylights are about two shades lighter than the original hair color and can be used on almost all basic hair colors, from blonde to red and brunette to ashy shades and nutty auburn. The only new thing is that the reflections are not set directly at the root. This creates particularly smooth transitions and an even more natural look. Only along the forehead and face are individual tips lightened a little more with a brush. They create a result that is infused with reflections of light.

For this special dyeing technique, however, it definitely requires the steady hand and trained eye of a professional. So if you want pink babylights too, you should definitely go to a professional hairdresser! He can better advise you which color shades suit you. And you can also add slightly more noticeable beautiful pink highlights if you want a more intense color result.

By the way, this is the best way to take care of your freshly colored hair:

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