Licenciatura 2017: ¿Participación solo por venganza?

Bachelor 2017: Participation just for revenge?

Bachelor 2017: Participation just for revenge?

Sebastian single

As soon as RTL Rosenkavalier Sebastian P. is in the spotlight looking for the right partner, old acquaintances appear who want to divulge spicy details of the Cologne resident’s private life. One of Sebastian’s supposed friends wants to know: the current bachelor has long found the woman of his dreams.

“I think Sebastián is not yet ready for a new love,” revealed the alleged friend of the 30-year-old in an interview with the Cologne Express. “He’s still too attached to his ex-girlfriend.”

Sebastian’s ex is said to be a lady named Nathalie, who also works as a model, but with a slightly bigger style. The “Express” published a selfie of the beautiful blonde in New York. Did he have work to do there?

Is Sebastian getting revenge on his ex with the RTL dating show?

Sebastian Pannek told RTL that he had been single for almost a year, but if he should still hold on to his ex, what are Sebastian’s intentions as a single? Do you want to take revenge on your ex-partner with a show in which he is the center and show him that the world of women is at his feet?

Whatever is behind the new headlines: We believe that the Licentiate does not need such behavior at all. Even if the show hasn’t been particularly well received by audiences thus far, the Miami ladies stick to Sebastian like flies on honey.

The Bachelor: Five Facts About Sebastian Pannek

On the second episode of RTL’s dating show “The Bachelor,” the three candidates Julia P., Jana and Tina B. sadly had to pack their bags. For them, the love trip in Miami ended on Wednesday night. Sebastian didn’t have a red rose left, only one woman among 18 love contenders even received two from him. Viola, a master hairdresser from Munich, was able to score points with Sebastian after a small group baseball practice and learned that she is automatically one more round before rose night.

On February 15th there is a new episode with Sebastian and the other 15 love contestants. All information about “The Bachelor” on

Image Source: RTL