Licenciatura en el paraíso: Philipp Stehler está en Tinder

Bachelor in Paradise: Philipp Stehler is on Tinder

Bachelor in Paradise: Philipp Stehler is on Tinder


Everybody loves Philipp Stehler, but he doesn’t seem to have found his great love with “Bachelor in Paradise.” At least this photo could speak against …

In the second episode of “Bachelor in Paradise”, Philipp could barely save himself from the girls, three like him: Pam Gil Mata, Carolin Ehrensberger and Carina Spack. And that, oh, how surprising, naturally leads to competition among women. All three believe they have convinced Philipp of himself. But only one can give you the rose. Pam is the lucky one because she is the first to act.

You don’t know who’s who on “Bachelor in Paradise” anymore? Our gallery of images will help you in the jumps:

Which could indicate that Philipp is single.

But despite everything, the Berliner does not seem to have found the one in paradise either. And that’s even though Philip longs for it so much. After five years of being single, he says he finally wants to have a woman by his side. He is a family man. Before the start of the RTL dome show, he’s in a good mood: “The chances of meeting the right person here are good,” he said. But without knowing the outcome of the show, it doesn’t really seem like this wish has come true for Philipp.

The reason: Philipp seems to keep looking for women on the Internet. Your Tinder profile has been discovered. But does that really mean he’s single?

There is another possibility: of course, it could be that Philipp found his great love, but simply forgot to deactivate his profile. Then I should do it ASAP …

You love “Bachelor in Paradise” more than anything and want to know what happens next. In the video you can see the funniest sayings summarized again.

What you think? Does the photo make you suspect why a man who has been taken would actually unsubscribe? Or is the photo absolutely no proof for you, because there really is the option that you have forgotten it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.