"Bachelor" Sebastian establece el récord de Knutsch

Bachelor Sebastian Sets Knutsch Record

"Bachelor" Sebastian sets Knutsch record


This year’s bachelor Sebastian Preuss clearly leaves nothing to be desired. After a few episodes, you can have a decent kissing history. And even set a record!

Because in the four episodes broadcast so far, he has already exchanged hot kisses with four candidates (yes, no innocent slaps, he really got to the point!): Jenny-Jasmin started in episode 3. This was followed almost immediately by Diana . Now, in episode 4, it was Wioleta and Leah’s turn. Kissing four times in just four episodes, that’s a record!

Which of the women is now who again? Here you can see an overview of all 2020 Bachelor candidates:

Is Sebastian catching up with the ex-bachelor and kissing record holder Daniel Völz?

With his rhythm ever closer, Sebastian could soon catch up with Daniel Völz, who had kissed six women at the end of his 2018 season. Whether that record is really something to be proud of is an open question.

The first kiss of the season was with Jenny-Jasmin.

But we could imagine that Sebastian would really break it. After all, in the last episode he thoughtfully expressed that he would have liked to give one of his favorites, Linda, the first kiss of the season. So far they haven’t kissed her. So could kiss number five fall here soon?

Sebastian and Linda had their first single date, but there was still no kiss… yet.

Denise-Jessica and Jenny T. also seem to be particularly interested in Sebastian, so it should still be exciting! The Bachelor himself assures that kissing is very important to him and a good indicator when it comes to knowing if it works …

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What do you think of Sebastian making out with the candidates? Do you find it totally inappropriate and exaggerated or harmless? Let us know what you think in the comments!