Backstreet Boys y NSYNC: película conjunta

Backstreet Boys and NSYNC: joint film

Backstreet Boys and NSYNC: joint film

“Dead 7”

Attention 90’s boy band fans! Some of * NSYNC’s stars, the Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees have now teamed up for a non-musical collaboration of a special kind. Soon you will be able to see the boys of the boy band together on the screen.

“We know what you’re thinking, if we only had a movie featuring members of BSB and * NSYNC,” Australian television station “Syfy Australia” scoffed at the unusual collaboration and later confirmed, “Yes. This June! Nick Carter, AJ McLean and Howard “Howie D” Dorough of the Backstreet Boys, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick of * NSYNC, Jeff Timmons of 98 Degrees and several members of the boy band O-Town become part of the post-apocalyptic zombie . -The western movie “Dead 7” demonstrates his acting qualities.

The question naturally arises: How did so many boy band boys get a role in the same horror movie? Bottom line: the scary movie was scripted by BSB frontman Nick Carter himself. The 36-year-old seems to have already thought of his colleagues in the music business when writing the script.

Backstreet Boys: Duel between Nick Carter and AJ McLean in “Dead 7”?

The producer of the cult horror film “Sharknado” also has its finger in the game with “Dead 7,” which should give a first indication of the cinematic design and quality of the zombie western. The movie is supposed to be about a group of gunmen trying to drive a horde of zombies out of a small town, according to “People” magazine. Nick Carter is also sure to play the movie’s hero, while his bandmate AJ is on the side of the bad guys.

We didn’t realize how much we wanted this boy band zombie movie in our lives, which sounded extremely garbage. Will “Dead 7” also appear on German television?

Image source: GettyImages / Alberto E. Rodríguez

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