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Bad Girls

In “Bad Girls” theater plays Selina Hanna, a talented young singer who wants to participate in a casting show and therefore has a fight with her boyfriend. In real life, Selina Shirin Müller already has her record deal in her pocket. Your single “I am no longer myself”, the Main song of “Naughty Girls”, is out on July 18, the day after the movie hits theaters, at the same time as the Soundtrack to “Naughty Girls”. It not only features more songs from the sweet newcomer, but also many other great songs, for example from movie partners. Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht, In this Y LaFee.

Here’s the full track list:

1. I’m not me anymore (Naughty Girl version) – Selina2. Money – Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht 3. Good luck today – Sarah Walker 4. Shut up! – LaFee5. Perfect Day – King Family6. Far From You (Naughty Girl Version) – Selina7. Every beat of your heart: blue skies 8. Give me a reason (casting version) – Nataly Dorra9. Wish – Masha10. Locura – En 11. Your Day (Single Version) – Selina12. Tell Me – Oli Biehler feat. Selina13. Superhero – Gerard14. I’m not me anymore (Cool Down Mix) – Selina15. Himmelhochjauchzend (Score) – Oli Biehler 16. Hanna (Score) – Oli Biehler 17. Guys! (Score) – Oli Biehler 18. Pit Winter (Score) – Oli Biehler 19. Sweater Pits (Score) – Oli Biehler 20. Happy End (Score) – Oli Biehler

You can learn more about the movie in the Naughty Girls movie special.