Prohibición de cirugía cosmética

Ban on cosmetic surgery

Ban on cosmetic surgery

It is true that more and more children and young people want to change something about themselves, but it is Statistically, there are very few cosmetic operations that do not have a medical reason, that is, only 1.3%. Most OPS have valid reasons, such as accidents, burns, or tumors. And also within 1.3% are 80% of these operations against protruding ears. Sven von Saldern, president of the German Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, says

“This operation has become so socially accepted that you could almost blame parents for not having surgery on their children.”

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It all looks a lot like the populism of politicians. This means that a topic is tackled in a big way because you know that people react negatively to it to make you so popular. Because the opportunity “that girls want their parents to have bigger breasts for Christmas ”is statistically so small that it is hardly worth making a political issue.

On the other hand, of course, it must also be said at this point that cosmetic surgery is not always the right solution. That is why it is always important to you Seek the advice of a good and responsible surgeon beforehand with the parents.

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