Banana Bun: ¡Instrucciones fáciles para el peinado de moda!

Banana Bun: Easy Instructions for Fashion Hairstyle!

Banana Bun: Easy Instructions for Fashion Hairstyle!

Messy banana

Anyone who is regularly on Instagram or Pinterest has definitely not been able to avoid this trending hairstyle this year. Spread by French bloggers and models a few months ago, the so-called banana bread became a computer style. A twisted messy bun worn loosely at the back of the head creates the perfect imperfect hairstyle for any outfit. We tell you how you can style the banana bun!

What is the banana muffin?

Do you still know the banana hairstyle that our mothers or teachers sometimes wore? With this classic look, all hair is neatly twisted and tied at the back of the head. For the appearance of an elegant business lady or in a noble evening dress, the elegant hairstyle is still suitable today, but in everyday life or at informal parties we prefer to wear a messy bun. The trend Banana Bun hairstyle combines banana and loose bun in one by twisting the hair lengths loosely and pinning them together.

Instructions: This is how you style the banana muffin

The banana bun is best styled when your hair is not freshly washed or straightened. Ideally, they are even slightly wavy. Otherwise you don’t need much:

Here we go:

  1. Shake the hair slightly at the root and the back of the head.
  2. Part your hair at the back of your head into roughly three equal parts or braids. So that nothing gets mixed up, you can tie the middle one as low as possible with a hair elastic.
  3. Take the strand on the right and start wrapping it around the middle braid until about half of the hair is still sticking out.
  4. Now start wrapping the left strand around the resulting large strand.
  5. Hold the created roll close to your head with bobby pins.
  6. Now you can twist the hair sticking out from the bottom around your bun and pin it up too.
  7. Let a few strands hang here and there as you like and straighten the bun any way you like.

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The banana bun is definitely one of our current favorite hairstyles. This hairstyle is also great as a side wedding hairstyle! Do you have any special tips or maybe even style the bun in a completely different way? Tell us more about this in the comments.